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15 Must See Spots on São Miguel Island | The Azores, Portugal

The largest and most popular island to visit in the Azores is the gorgeous São Miguel island. São Miguel is known as the green island for its lush and beautiful nature – you’ll truly be amazed by all of the variation of green hues. Due to its size and location, it is the most diverse of all the Azorean islands. You can go from a pine forest to the beach to the mountains to the jungle all within an hour. In this list we include 15 of the must see spots all around the island – all jaw-dropping in their own way. Best part? Everything on this list (except one) is free to visit!

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One Day on Faial Island in the Azores | Self-Driving Itinerary

Known as the Blue Island of the Azores, Faial is part of the central group of the Azores and is especially beautiful in July and August when the island is covered in bright blue hydrangeas. It only takes 1 hour to circumnavigate the island on the main road meaning you can fit all the main sights in just one day. Due to the unpredictable weather in the middle of the Atlantic, we’d still recommend you to stay at least two days on Faial. You can split this itinerary across two days for a more relaxed pace or keep it all in one day if the weather doesn’t cooperate on one of the days.

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