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Exploring the Greek Isles on a Cruise

After a whirlwind 8-day trek through Italy by train, we were ready to slow down for the second part of our honeymoon – a 10-day cruise through the Greek Isles.  While the pace might have been a bit slower, it was still filled with exciting adventures and amazing memories.  Whitewashed houses, cobblestone streets, deep blue waters, and the rich history of Greece are just some of the reasons why Greece is time and time again on the top list for Honeymoon destinations.  When picking a route through the mediterrean, our priorites were Santorini and Turkey.  Shortly after booking, Turkey got replaced by Rhodes, due to political unrest and safety concerns.  We were still beyond excited! Beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, and watching sunsets from the balcony were calling our names.

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Half-Day in the Stunning Mykonos, Greece

The few hours we spent in Mykonos was our first taste of Greece and what cemented our eagerness to explore more.  For our honeymoon, we were on a 9-day Mediterranean cruise that stopped at 4 ports in Greece and 3 in Italy.  Our first Greek port was the gorgeous Mykonos!  Prior to leaving, Mykonos was near the bottom of our list of what we were most excited for.  However, after we were done exploring Mykonos town, it was our number one place to go back in Greece.  

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