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Best Way to Get from Cusco to Puno, Peru

Going from the Sacred Valley to Lake Titicaca (or vice versa) is a common route for most travelers in Peru. Puno is the gateway to the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. With car travel often discouraged in Peru, it is often difficult to figure out the best way to travel across the country. Here we outline the different ways to get between Cusco and Puno and each ones’ benefits.

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Luxury PeruRail Lake Titicaca Train Ride: Cusco to Puno

The Titicaca Train from Cusco to Puno is not only the most beautiful train ride in Peru but also one of the most scenic in the world. Also known as the Andean Explorer train, this route goes between the city center of Cusco and Puno. This train ride is so much more than transporting you from A to B. This luxury train is styled after a 1920s Pullman train and goes through the Andes Mountains, reaching over 14,000 feet of elevation. The total journey takes 10 hours and includes 2 gourmet meals, traditional Peruvian dancing, and endless panoramic views. As a sucker for train travel, our expedition through the Andes Mountains by train was a highlight of our trip to Peru.

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