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A true traveler values experiences over possessions – making them particularly difficult to shop for. However, there are many gifts that will greatly improve their adventures. Aside from an around-the-world plane ticket, these 71 gifts are ones that travelers will actually want. Below is a massive variety of gifts for all categories of traveler: the backpacker, the luxury-seeker, or the family globetrotters. Prices range from $5 to $800 – so no matter your budget, we got you covered.

All prices accurate as of September 21st.


Travel Photography Equipment

1. Phone Gimbal

Without a doubt, this was my favorite purchase of 2018.  With Smartphone cameras continuously improving, there is no need to buy a video camera for 4K-quality videos.  This gimbal smooths and stabilizes your shots and actively tracks the subject.  This device has elevated our videos far beyond what we expected.

Cost: $140

For those wanting to up their photography or videography game without wanting to invest in a DSLR, this is an affordable option.  This small clip-on lens is also great for events you don’t want to lug a separate camera to – everyone has their phone on them anyways.  Attaching lenses to your phone camera can allow you to increase the zoom or widen the field of view.

Cost: $35

That last thing anyone wants is to lose all of those travel memories.  Portable SSDs can increase your storage space or provide a backup for digital files.  SSDs are especially great for traveling since they transfer files much faster and have no moving parts.  At home, we back up our files to the cloud, but while abroad, we do not always have wifi.  

Cost: $99 for 500GB

The brand-new GoPro.  If the traveler you have in mind does not already have a GoPro, this is the one to get.  It features amazing video stabilization, voice control, and live streaming.  Like the previous version, this camera is waterproof and drop resistant – perfect for adventurous travelers.

Cost: $399

An upgraded camera strap will make walk-around shooting so much more convenient and comfortable.  The camera hangs by your hip, out of the way until you need to shoot. 

Cost: $20

You know those beautiful half-underwater shots where everything is in focus, both what is above and below the water?  Well, this is how you capture those photos.  

Cost: $34

Packing up all this photography equipment and gadgets in an organized and protected manner can be a nightmare.  Travel can be harsh on photo equipment.  A nice camera backpack keeps all your equipment secured and with you at all times.

Cost: $65

This lightweight flexible tripod is perfect for traveling.  Extremely portable.  You can attach your camera to anything to get long exposure shots or group photos with the aid of a wireless shutter controller.

Cost: $38

If are you can get a copy of the recipient’s favorite travel photo, consider turning it into a metal print!  Metal prints can either hang directly on the wall (without a frame) or be attached to stand to sit on their desk or bookshelf.  A sleek modern design that makes your photographs stand out.

Cost: $20+

10. Drone

Capture a whole new angle on your travels from the sky.  We use and recommend the DJI Mavic Air.  It is their smallest drone when folded – perfect for travel.  It also has amazing video quality and sufficient battery life.

Cost: $799

Keeping that expensive glass you use to take sharp pictures clean is important.  Rain, dust storms or just normal use while out traveling can dirty your lens.  This lens cleaning pen is compact and easy to keep in your camera bag.

Cost: $8

Similar to the Smartphone gimbal, the GoPro Karma Grip is a stabilizer for the GoPro.  This gimbal is great for those who primarily film with a GoPro for those high-action environments.  A great gift for adventure-seekers looking to document their travels.

Cost: $299

Travel Stocking Stuffers

13. Travel Journal

For those who love jotting down thoughts on their journeys.  This journal is small enough to bring on travels.  The pages are blank so they can be filled with drawings, writing, photos, or other paper keepsakes.

Cost: $9

14. Jewelry

For anyone who loves both travel and jewelry. It can be worn on their next trip or while back at home remembering their past adventures.

Cost: $30

For the super organized, this wallet keeps your wallet, credit cards, money, and tickets all in one place.  

Cost: $10

A good phrase book can help prevent you from ordering the duck liver when you really wanted a Caesar salad.  

Cost: $10

Who doesn’t love socks as a gift?  Compression socks help promote blood flow to help make long plane travel more bearable.

Cost: $14

Make sure they never lose or misidentify their bag again. You can get a monogrammed luggage tag.

Cost: $5

What better way to pass the time on the train or to make new friends abroad than playing a card game?  Get a nice deck design influenced by the recipient.

Cost: $12

These maps save the hassle of trying to neatly refold paper maps back together.  Lightweight.  You can crumple it into a ball and throw it into your back when done.  There are maps for most major cities.

Cost: $15

Help them stay local by chipping in for their accommodations for their next trip with an Airbnb Gift card.

Cost: $50+

Most people do not wear eye masks in their normal lives, but they are invaluable while you travel. Whether you are trying to sleep on a plane, train, or just in your hotel, it never seems to get dark enough. Eye Masks are especially useful for the backpacker staying in shared hostel rooms.

Cost: $8

Ornaments are a lovely way to remember past trips and important life memories.

Cost: $10

Perfect for the traveler who loves a good road trip.  Navigations to the next big roadside attraction at easy reach.

Cost: $10

My favorite way to pass time while traveling is listening to audiobooks.  Physical books take up too much space in your luggage.  With audiobooks, you can listen while driving across the country or closing your eyes on the plane.  

Cost: $15

Travel Electronics & Gadgets

26. Universal Travel Adaptor

Not all adapters are created equal.  This one has not only the main outlet but also two USB ports – compatible with 150 countries.

Cost: $10

While traveling you pretty much have to completely rely on your phone: to get directions, to get restaurant reviews, look up attraction hours and cost, or to google an interesting custom you came across.  This battery provides multiple phone charges while you are out and about.

Cost: $30

28. AirPods

After trying many different Bluetooth headphones, nothing can quite compare to the AirPods.  Despite being a bit funny looking, these have unmatched quality.  Extremely long battery life.  

Cost: $145

All hotel rooms built before 2010 have one thing in common: not enough outlets.  A small surge protector like this will likely triple the number of things you can charge at the same time.

Cost: $15

It seems like everything has a different charger.  Keeping all of your cords organized while traveling is possible with a compact electronics organizer.

Cost: $20

31. Ring

A powerful home security tool for travelers.  This video doorbell provides ultimate peace of mind while your home is left empty.  You get notifications every time someone stops by your front door so you can watch to make sure nothing is awry or talk with the visitor.

Cost: $99

This small, portable speaker is great for bringing on a hike, to a beach or hostel party, for a hotel room workout, or for a movie night in the mountains.  

Cost: $58

Quiets down the bothersome airplane cabin noise or busy city traffic.  With 30 hours of charge time, you will not need to recharge during even the longest of plane journeys.

Cost: $70

Gone are the days when I packed 3 paperbacks in my suitcase to read on the plane, train, or while lounging on the beach.

Cost: $80

With six USB charging ports in this one charger, the whole family can charge all of their devices. 

Cost: $27

Gifts for the Practical Traveler

36. Lock

Upping your luggage security.

Cost: $15

These laundry bags keep those smelly dirty clothes away from the clean ones in your suitcase.

Cost: $11

Once you start using packing cubes in your suitcase, there is no going back.  They keep your clothes compressed, organized, and secure.

Cost: $25

The secret to carry-on only travel is small refillable toiletry containers.  Don’t waste your money (or harm the environment) on buying the single-use travel-sized items.

Cost: $11

Trtl is not a normal travel pillow.  It keeps your head in a comfortable position and takes up very little space in your bag.

Cost: $30


For those that travel where water isn’t safe, this can filter even the dirtiest water so it is drinkable.

Cost: $15

Bottled water is bad for your wallet and the environment.  A nice insulated water bottle will keep your water cold on long hikes.

Cost: $30

For the budget-conscious traveler, getting groceries in your destination not only saves money but gives you a greater understanding of the daily life of locals.  Reusable shopping bags are also great for souvenirs that might find their way back to you.

Cost: $11

For those java-head travelers who want coffee everywhere they go.  Anywhere you have hot water, you can make coffee. 

Cost: $32

45. Hat

A wool baseball hat is valuable while traveling – keeps your head warm and the sun out of your eyes.

Cost: $20

Sometimes you do not have access to a washing machine or the time to wait at a laundromat.  Do laundry fast and anywhere you are – in a hotel room or out camping.  You can travel lighter and smarter.

Cost: $50

47. Dry Bag

For the adventurous traveler who loves kayaking, white-water rafting, swimming, camping, or other water sports.  Keeps your gear dry.

Cost: $13

This versatile & sturdy leather bag can be used as a Shaving Dopp Kit or a bag for makeup or toiletries.

Cost: $10

Who said toothbrushes don’t make great gifts?  What makes this one great for travel is the slim design, USB charging, and long battery life.

Cost: $28

This toiletry bag makes for easy travel – no need to constantly unpack and repack your grooming products on the counter when changing hotels.  The last compartment is detachable if you need to remove your TSA-approved liquids from your bag when going through security.

Cost: $30

Travel Inspired Home Decor

51. Scratch Map

This scratch-off travel map shows you just how much of the world you have left to explore.  

Cost: $36

If they are short on wall space, consider a cork globe.  They can put pins in to mark all of their trips.

Cost: $50

These whiskey glasses have maps etched of the major US cities. 

Cost: $18

Any frequent traveler has a favorite airport. Either their home base, the one with the best lounges, or just the one they landed in that kick-started their favorite vacation.

Cost: $25

Help them save for their next big trip. Maybe even toss in a few extra coins to get them started.

Cost: $15

Pick their favorite city in the world to travel to and immortalize it in a neat map.

Cost: $17

Planning Books for the Next Big Trip

57. Where to Go When

This beautifully illustrated book gives the best destinations to travel to each month of the year.  It categorizes destinations, not only by temperature but also price and traveler interests.

Cost: $15

Ranked compilation of the 500 best sights and attractions around the world.  It includes many of the well-known destinations (like the Pyramids and Great Barrier Reef) but also lesser-known places (Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina and the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland).

Cost: $18

For the jet-setting couple, this travel book focuses on romantic and adventurous journeys for two.  The book details how to live life to the fullest with your life partner.

Cost: $15

For the road-tripping foodie, this book gives the best local food spots around the USA.  Or if they’re more into wine, this book gives the best wine day-trips in the wine regions of the world.

Cost: $15

This book shows how you can visit even the most expensive destinations in the world on a budget.  The book was written by Nomadic Matt, a travel blogger who has been traveling the world the last 10 years.

Cost: $11

The New York Times has an amazing series detailing how to spend 36-hours in the top destinations.  This book compiles all their best articles on European cities or regions.  Additional books available for other continents

Cost: $30

They won’t be able to wait to out their coloring pencils and travel the world through this book.  All of the images in this book came from actual photos of the destinations.

Cost: $9

One of the best travel books of all-time has been updated.  This National Geographic book includes the top destinations and activities around the world.

Cost: $25

For many, the photos in the National Geographic sparked their interest in exploring the world.  125 years of iconic images and covers are included.

Cost: $10 

Adventure Gear

66. Travel Hammock

Who doesn’t love hammocks?  This is great for the person who loves camping, hiking, or just relaxing wherever they go.  You can get it in either single or double occupancy.

Cost: $20

Super fast drying, this microfiber towel is great for travelers who want to get dry and then go.  Whether it is from sweat, swimming, rain, or after taking a shower.  It is also a great option when space is at a premium.  

Cost: $9

A nice down jacket is a must when adventuring outdoors. This light-weight, but warm, jacket folds up into a small bag to be stuffed in a backpack or a suitcase.

Cost: $45

With a leatherman, you can be ready for anything. This one has 14 tools, but there are multitools with 21+ tools all in one compact instrument.
Cost: $50

A small day pack is crucial when traveling – both for hiking and for city sightseeing.

Cost: $17

Great for going on a safari, bird-watching, hiking, or daily use.

Cost: $124

A true traveler values experiences over possessions – making them particularly difficult to shop for.  However, there are many gifts that will greatly improve their adventures.  Aside from an around-the-world plane ticket, these 71 gifts are ones that travelers will actually want.  #GiftGuide #Travel #Christmas




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